“At on with Weyba” a satellite exhibition part of the Floating Land festival 2013. Dedicated to lake weyba, its pristine natural habitat and the people that help safeguard in order to preserve it and create memories in nature for generations to come.

Johannes Laumer

A dialogue with nature and the elements that rule all life and decay. A series of Interactive installations using water as a connective medium. The humans naturally conductive body connects to the water amplifying a noise signal whilst connecting to the earth. Some of the installations featured in the video are designed to also allow direct interaction with the illuminated water surfaces whilst visualising our interactions and the ripple effect they cause to our surrounding.

featured installations: Wishing well (Interactive through Cosmic background radiation signal exploring the conductivity of the human body) Rain basin (installed under open sky, sensitive by water surface tension affected by rain and wind) Convex reality (Adjacent to the rain basin installation featuring the same qualities with addition of the submersion of a mirror) Lake Weybas wish (Video installation reflected on water surface playful interaction through touching)