Johannes Laumer’s art practice is driven by the dynamic interaction of water, light and sound.


He strives to bring to light the seemingly magical processes in nature surrounding us every day, often going by unseen.

Using sunlight, moonlight and artificial light, he explores water’s optical attributes throughout its aggregate states.

He seeks to share his findings through mediums like photography, video and interactive light installations, to evoke a contemplative state of wonder and question the perception of our self such as the illusion of separateness to nature and one another.

Johannes was born in 1984 in Geneva and grew up in Germany and Peru. While studying under the guidance of Marian Drew at Queensland College of Art in Australia he found experimental Photography as a means to capture the beauty of water. Since he has been developing his art practice and exhibiting his works internationally.

His growing interest in permanent large-scale light installations has led him to complete a Master in Architectural Lighting Design in Wismar. He now lives and works between Germany and Peru.