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April 29, 2020
March 4, 2020


Pariacaca is an "Apu" (mountain deity) revered since before Inkas reigned in the land, it is located in the department of Lima Peru and provides water to rivers essential for the prosperity of various valleys. It’s continues melting process accelerated through the effect of climate change is putting many ecosystems and livelihoods at risk. Lima's water supply systems still depend on the ancient hydrologic engineering inherited to transporting water from the rivers to the capital. This 7-day residency while camping at the feet of the glacier was organised by HAWAPI an independent cultural association dedicated to interdisciplinary art. The results from the interventions made, were exhibited in the Museum of Modern Art in Lima while the COP20 was taking place in Lima in December 2014. Go to to find out more about their amazing interventions.

Pariacaca is a series of Photographs showing the temporary and the permanent Installations made in honour of the melting glacier

The works intend to postulate the anima of water, as Theodor Schwenk proposes in his book “Sensitive Chaos”. While the transformative process of water occur, an organ of perception is created, recording all events of the anthropocene.